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As a forefront developer of accessible games for the blind, we take pride in delivering the best in accessible gaming entertainment for the Windows platform by providing quality products and exceptional customer service. Click here to learn more about how we do accessible gaming right.. 

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Alchemy Game Studios is in the development stage of producing several games and entertainment software titles for the blind and visually impaired community. We believe in producing quality software products that are accessible both technologically and affordably. Check out our recent news section occasionally for news, updates, and upcoming product release dates.

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New!  Click here to download mouse targeting demo (surround sound speakers a must!)

Here's the good stuff!  Download demos of any of our currently shipping games for free and see what all the talk is about.  Our demo versions are limited trial versions of our fully functional and feature-rich game products.  And, best of all.. most of the demos can be unlocked immediately with the purchase of one of our registration keys.

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Need help with a particular game?  Want to stay in the loop with developments?  Looking to get in touch with the rest of the gaming community about the best in accessible gaming?  Then chances are we have an e-mail list that's right for you! 


Are you looking for Information on  information so that you can continue to sit around all day playing our games.  

As a service courtesy to our customers and the accessible gaming community at large, we host several lists for your participation.  E-mail lists can be an invaluable conduit between you and your fellow gamers to share hints, tips, tricks, and strategies for your favorite accessible games as well as to stay up-to-date with news from Alchemy Game Studios.


To manage your list subscriptions, log into your Alchemy account to get started.

[The Alchemy Lounge Is Back!]

This list is for members who have enjoyed the company of other list members on the other lists to have a place where they can discuss anything and everything. Topics can range from game-related to the totally non-game-related--anything and everything goes! If you have a post that would be considered off-topic on one of the other lists, this is the place to post. This list is intended for members eighteen and older as mature subjects may on arise on occasion. Please keep this in mind when subscribing! (coming soon)

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